Song Blog - 03. Birds

birds by brianna laneSong Blog - 13 week blog for the 13 songs on The Navigators Club


03. Birds

by Brianna Lane

written in Minnesota in December of 2008


I’m reluctant to tell the whole truth about this song. This poor little song is such a reflection of my relationship at the time. I was unfairly falling for someone else while I was was committed to another. There - I said it. I could have told you it was about a friend or something but sometimes the truth just needs to be said. I could have told you that it was about the state of Minnesota. There’s no use hiding it now. I wrote this song as my relationship was deteriorating and right before my water heater busted and I broke my ankle in five places. It was an interesting winter, to say the least...


Song Blog - 02. California

song blog californiaSong Blog - 13 week blog for the 13 songs on The Navigators Club

02. California

by Brianna Lane

written in California in 2007...maybe


My one tour through California was blissful. When was that? 2007 maybe? I flew into San Francisco and rented a car - a dark blue PT Cruiser with wood panel siding - totally hot, I know. I drove south and camped in the redwoods the first night...

Song Blog - 01. Company

brianna lane company song blog

Song Blog - 13 week blog for the 13 songs on The Navigators Club


01. Company


written in August of 2009


by Jeremiah Nelson, Brianna Lane, and Brad Hoshaw


There’s an unspoken rule among songwriters that if you co-write a song you don’t claim any one part of the finished project. You either play it or you don’t. If you play it - you make it your own and let the other writers make it their own. Sometimes co-writes evolve from something small like a word or a line or half of a verse that had been lingering for the longest time that needs a little nudge...


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